For the lover who never existed..

You’re like the fire that 

Needs no rekindling. You’re 

The wave that does not do 

Any wavering. You’re the 

Air I breathe. You’re the 

Scent I seek. You are nothing

But everything at once. 

You are tantamount to a 

Candle that burns and the 

Flame leaves the wax behind 

In it’s wake for me to remember. 

You give me warmth and I 

Shelter you with my body and 

Absorb you to the core. 

1. Short poem. I know. 

2. After writing this, I mused and murmured out loud-“I don’t do love poems. Not my fortè. ” Do you agree? 

3. Every week on Friday, I’ll give you a song recommendation. I’ll tell you the song that I have been listening to continually. For this Friday, it’s ‘Papercut’ by Zedd and Troye Sivan. Tell me if you have ever heard it. 

4. Have a great weekend. Spread smiles. On a totally irrelevant note, don’t text and drive. It kills. 


The Time My Blog got nominated for an Award. 

Dear readers, 

There are certain achievements in life that one can look back at, with a chest puffed up with pride and a grin very wide. This will be one of my achievements as I have been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. The heartiest thanks to a constant reader and an amazing writer- Francois. This lad is interesting and aims at spreading positivity, just like me. 

If you haven’t checked out his blog already, then you are a lazy bum and are missing out on a bounty of soothing words. 

I am supposed to give 7 facts about myself. I know you all are jaunty and excited out there. Patience, children, patience. 

1. I love MUN’ing. It could be complex for people who are new to the concept. It’s a simulation of a large number of countries and you get to represent one each time you attend a conference. I actually headed a committee 😛 

2. Nutella solves all problems. Of course it does. No one could argue about that. (If you argue, then I’ll curse you) kidding.

3. I started earning money in the age of 17. I am 18 and I raised my first salary from an internship in writing I did. My stipend made me happy because I had earned it by myself, not because of sheer necessity. 

4. I want to earn enough money to give my parents a lavish Europe tour. Surely, it’s not enough to pay them back for all the love, comfort and encouragement they have given but something is better than nothing.

5. I could trade my best outfit to play the video game named ‘Until Dawn’ and meet the lead villain, Rami Makek. Hey, readers, are you creeped out yet? 

6. I always sleep so soundly that anyone sleeping next to me or in the same room can make an assumption that I am as good as dead. Best feeling to be shaken awake and asked-“Were you really sleeping? I totally thought othervise.” 

7. I despise Math. Bonus-it comes on SAT. I mean, I get that it makes the world go round but..bleh. 

I hope you enjoyed reading. I’d like to nominate Sindhuja R. I’ll put her blog link in the description once I find it. Hehe. 

Other than that, nominated or not, tell me 7 facts about you because I  am dying to know. Are people as weird and as different as me? Let me know. 

Have a bright Sunday wifh the most convivial atmosphere. Keep smiling! 



Her mouth is set in a 
Frown once in a while. 
She feels lonely in a 
Room full of people, 
Her thoughts are 
Banal and her stance 
Sessile. She willingly
Walks away from the
Family that she knows 
And sits in another 
Room, resorting to 
Other ways of enter-
Tainment, tainted with 
Laughs of mirth. I know
It’s just for show. I am
This girl, who feels so
Lonely sometimes that 
Even crows would shy
Away from my vile 
And morose being. 
It’s just psychological 
Trauma I go through. 
I realise my mistakes 
And I recount the 
Struggles I went through. 
This too shall pass.” 
I reminisce this phrase 
From somewhere and 
A small smile finally 
Curves my mouth. 
A nemesis has been avoided, I declare. 


Do you know of the memories,
That come back to you abruptly
They render you helpless as you 
Relive them with such clarity? 
Your brain functions dangerously. 
You could be sad one second and
The next, you are exalted. For you
Are living in a moment of the past. 
Your eyes perceive scenes of 
A time that has passed. Every
Thing changes, you time-travel 
To that time. Desperately and fast. 
Memories are like logs of wood
You hold on to for dear life when 
You are amid a nasty tide, where 
The water propels you forward. 
But you don’t want to go anywhere. 
You wish you could go back. 
You’re doing it all wrong. You 
Ought to be paying attention 
To the present, don’t hold on to
something for so long. And yet, 
You want to live in a time 
That has passed, silly human. 

She Who Fought. 

Her heels click down the corridor, 

And she works rigorously. 

Day and night. Dawn and noon. 

Her laptop is heavy in her arms. 

Her bag is full of papers, they 

Are weapons for her!  Without

Which, she is disarmed :The 

Papers contain all the notes 

She took copiously, they contain 

Her illegible writing mangled

With her passion and simplicity. 

She is not a tyrant. She’s humble. 

Chiding those who work under

Her is unthinkable. She instructs. 

She smiles. She laughs. And, 

She stays out of trouble. After 

working so much, she sees a bond 

Forming. With her place of work

And those who work under her. 

No sign of bossiness of pre-

Eminence. Her success is not

Liked by everyone, however. 

There are people behind the

Curtain, frustrated and incensed. 

They sink in jealously and come 

Back to the surface with taunts 

And mockery. She handles them

Perfectly. She is resilient and 

Insightful and believes that 

Killing them with kindness is 

The best way to be. 

Hi everyone! I missed my blog so so much. This is supposed to be a didactic poem.Do your thing. There will be people who will want you to fail. But remember not to ever step down. Just keep improving and learning from everyone and everywhere you go. 

 I am posting after SO long. I hope you like it. 

Keep smiling, everyone.