She Who Fought. 

Her heels click down the corridor, 

And she works rigorously. 

Day and night. Dawn and noon. 

Her laptop is heavy in her arms. 

Her bag is full of papers, they 

Are weapons for her!  Without

Which, she is disarmed :The 

Papers contain all the notes 

She took copiously, they contain 

Her illegible writing mangled

With her passion and simplicity. 

She is not a tyrant. She’s humble. 

Chiding those who work under

Her is unthinkable. She instructs. 

She smiles. She laughs. And, 

She stays out of trouble. After 

working so much, she sees a bond 

Forming. With her place of work

And those who work under her. 

No sign of bossiness of pre-

Eminence. Her success is not

Liked by everyone, however. 

There are people behind the

Curtain, frustrated and incensed. 

They sink in jealously and come 

Back to the surface with taunts 

And mockery. She handles them

Perfectly. She is resilient and 

Insightful and believes that 

Killing them with kindness is 

The best way to be. 

Hi everyone! I missed my blog so so much. This is supposed to be a didactic poem.Do your thing. There will be people who will want you to fail. But remember not to ever step down. Just keep improving and learning from everyone and everywhere you go. 

 I am posting after SO long. I hope you like it. 

Keep smiling, everyone. 


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