Do you know of the memories,
That come back to you abruptly
They render you helpless as you 
Relive them with such clarity? 
Your brain functions dangerously. 
You could be sad one second and
The next, you are exalted. For you
Are living in a moment of the past. 
Your eyes perceive scenes of 
A time that has passed. Every
Thing changes, you time-travel 
To that time. Desperately and fast. 
Memories are like logs of wood
You hold on to for dear life when 
You are amid a nasty tide, where 
The water propels you forward. 
But you don’t want to go anywhere. 
You wish you could go back. 
You’re doing it all wrong. You 
Ought to be paying attention 
To the present, don’t hold on to
something for so long. And yet, 
You want to live in a time 
That has passed, silly human. 

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