Her mouth is set in a 
Frown once in a while. 
She feels lonely in a 
Room full of people, 
Her thoughts are 
Banal and her stance 
Sessile. She willingly
Walks away from the
Family that she knows 
And sits in another 
Room, resorting to 
Other ways of enter-
Tainment, tainted with 
Laughs of mirth. I know
It’s just for show. I am
This girl, who feels so
Lonely sometimes that 
Even crows would shy
Away from my vile 
And morose being. 
It’s just psychological 
Trauma I go through. 
I realise my mistakes 
And I recount the 
Struggles I went through. 
This too shall pass.” 
I reminisce this phrase 
From somewhere and 
A small smile finally 
Curves my mouth. 
A nemesis has been avoided, I declare. 

10 thoughts on “Solitude.

  1. I also like to write about solitude. It’s a major theme and most of my life I’ve been the lone wolf not knowing what I chase around the world but I know I have to catch it.

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