The Time My Blog got nominated for an Award. 

Dear readers, 

There are certain achievements in life that one can look back at, with a chest puffed up with pride and a grin very wide. This will be one of my achievements as I have been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. The heartiest thanks to a constant reader and an amazing writer- Francois. This lad is interesting and aims at spreading positivity, just like me. 

If you haven’t checked out his blog already, then you are a lazy bum and are missing out on a bounty of soothing words. 

I am supposed to give 7 facts about myself. I know you all are jaunty and excited out there. Patience, children, patience. 

1. I love MUN’ing. It could be complex for people who are new to the concept. It’s a simulation of a large number of countries and you get to represent one each time you attend a conference. I actually headed a committee 😛 

2. Nutella solves all problems. Of course it does. No one could argue about that. (If you argue, then I’ll curse you) kidding.

3. I started earning money in the age of 17. I am 18 and I raised my first salary from an internship in writing I did. My stipend made me happy because I had earned it by myself, not because of sheer necessity. 

4. I want to earn enough money to give my parents a lavish Europe tour. Surely, it’s not enough to pay them back for all the love, comfort and encouragement they have given but something is better than nothing.

5. I could trade my best outfit to play the video game named ‘Until Dawn’ and meet the lead villain, Rami Makek. Hey, readers, are you creeped out yet? 

6. I always sleep so soundly that anyone sleeping next to me or in the same room can make an assumption that I am as good as dead. Best feeling to be shaken awake and asked-“Were you really sleeping? I totally thought othervise.” 

7. I despise Math. Bonus-it comes on SAT. I mean, I get that it makes the world go round but..bleh. 

I hope you enjoyed reading. I’d like to nominate Sindhuja R. I’ll put her blog link in the description once I find it. Hehe. 

Other than that, nominated or not, tell me 7 facts about you because I  am dying to know. Are people as weird and as different as me? Let me know. 

Have a bright Sunday wifh the most convivial atmosphere. Keep smiling! 


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