For the lover who never existed..

You’re like the fire that 

Needs no rekindling. You’re 

The wave that does not do 

Any wavering. You’re the 

Air I breathe. You’re the 

Scent I seek. You are nothing

But everything at once. 

You are tantamount to a 

Candle that burns and the 

Flame leaves the wax behind 

In it’s wake for me to remember. 

You give me warmth and I 

Shelter you with my body and 

Absorb you to the core. 

1. Short poem. I know. 

2. After writing this, I mused and murmured out loud-“I don’t do love poems. Not my fortè. ” Do you agree? 

3. Every week on Friday, I’ll give you a song recommendation. I’ll tell you the song that I have been listening to continually. For this Friday, it’s ‘Papercut’ by Zedd and Troye Sivan. Tell me if you have ever heard it. 

4. Have a great weekend. Spread smiles. On a totally irrelevant note, don’t text and drive. It kills. 


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