I remember when our 
Eyes met for the first 
Time. Do you know of 
The heat that transpired? 
We were just like the Sun 
and the Moon that cause  

an eclipse and an uproar.
Our stars were meant to collide.
Our galaxies were not meant to subside: 
We were just like ice and fire. 
Dangerous, with vigour. 

Or, cold and somber. 
We’ll always be polar 
Opposites and yet, 
We’ll be like magnets. 

Beautiful Blemishes and a sunrise. 

The sky is a blue bottom 
Less pit, where the stars 
That bloom like the daisies 
in the garden are Incipient 
hindrances.They are 

impediments that make 
You want to stare forever. 
I am on the ground and 
I am moving. Yet, what 
Enthrals me and captures 

My eyes is the sky. The 
Blue, winsome sky. It’s 
Painted with rays of light
That peek out from the 
Horizon and in no time 

It’s dawn. My eyes bask
In the glow of the sun 
And the feel of the rays. 
I continue to stare at the 
Sky. My altered existence 
Is permanent and peremptory.

I have changed.
This sunrise had changed me. 

This was written in a hurry. i din’t know if i was in a hurry to get the poem and the message out there or i just wanted to pee desperately. Either way, i just wanted to tell you and remind you that nature has a bounty of beauty that we are ignoring. Wake up early for once and enjoy the sunrise and you’ll thank me. its beauty is unignorable and priceless.

I love you all. 

Avantika. (Tell me if you hate the poem)