Reckless Oblivion. 

Greetings, Internet! 

I hope you all are doing well. I am not. Nevertheless, my newest work. Judge it. Like it. Critique it. 

Aunt Betty drinks her 

Black coffee with infinite 

Patience and talks politics. 

We tell her to cut 

Us some slack and yet, 

She blabbers about the 

Republicans until it is 

Incoherent. We groan and 

Instantaneously become 

Ignorant of her words and 

The meanings they present. 

Aunty Betty becomes silent one day.

 She smokes her hooka with an 

uncanny nervousness.

She looks like she wants to 

open her mouth again to spew 

Trump or Christie in our face.

That doesn’t happen. 

She retreats to 

Her room and the next day, 

we find her dead body, 

submerged in silence, 

skepticism. We lie in 

Mystery of her demise.