Wickedness of the Mind. 

A sinewy man resides in the shadows

 Of my shanty home. Darkness is his

Continual ally, I am told. He never comes

Out and here I am, waiting for an ambush.

Everyone tells me I see things, I hear people

And I imagine scenarios. Nevertheless, I let

My imagination run wild; like the unhinged

Bulls of Spain. I yearn for his touch; I desire so

Much. I wait for the day when he will acquaint

Me with his companion-darkness. I too will

Meddle in-without an ounce of hesitation or

Sporadic jolts of excitement and a disheveled mind. 

Hi everyone! If anyone reads past the poem, please read this CAREFULLY. This is one of my favorite poems that I have written and much to my surprise, this has been rejected by many literary magazines in the past two weeks. Therefore, I want to hear your opinion, your words. Tell me why this poem got rejected. And, tell me how I can improve my writing. Please help. 

Other than that, it’s that time of the year, you know, when you get rejected by various colleges overseas and turn ominous in a split second. That is me right now. Nevertheless, I hope this poem lifts your spirit somehow. 

Yours forever, 


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