Tooth Ache or was it my heart all along?

My unsuccessful attempt at writing a mildly hilarious poem.

A throbbing toothache
which makes my head hurl
and toes curl. I wonder of if its
cause and bite into the pain
to subdue it. The pain trots
to my head and I am knocked back
from its force. I keep myself
awake or at least I try to.
The doctor says there’s nothing
wrong with my teeth. It must
be my heart then. The pain
tends to travel more than the
Pope and I find myself sitting next
to a cardiologist, eating candy.





Lies That Last for a Lifetime.

The after taste of a lie is
Like that accidental gulp of blood
Inside your mouth. The eccentric
Taste of copper and salt could
Never rival that of a lie. The
Wrongful sentences are plastered
Upon your teeth and your tongue
Procures syllables of deceit. You
Even try trapping your tongue between
Your teeth to stop lying. But old
Habits die hard and slow. You have
Lied now and gulped that pint of
Blood. The after taste is unpleasant.
Disgusting, even. And now you don’t
Know whether to feel guilty or happy
for lying and getting away with it.

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Media. ✅ Freedom. ✅ Values? My take on Indian Media. 

I am the epitome of selfishness and wanderlust. 

Ask me why and try to act like you are insanely inquisitive about why I used the adjectives above. 

One fine evening (yesterday), my phone vibrated in a mellow manner, indicating that I had a new E-Mail and thank god, I checked it. 

The E-Mail constituted a brilliant opportunity, hidden below many well written articles. 

Yes, the Orange Magazine is recruiting young and budding journalists so that they can cover the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (I had some difficulty in writing the whole thing but it was worth it) 

From a very young age, I became desirous of success, confidence and most importantly experience. Therefore, today, I wanted to pen down my thoughts on a very thought provoking topic-‘Media. Freedom. Value.’ It is also the primary topic of the Forum. You get it now! 

And after calming down the excitement that was running through my veins for I had an opportunity to write an essay or a media sample, I started actually thinking-“Hmm. This is a topic worth pondering. I never thought about it before.” 

Here it is. 

I have meticulously read and re-read about how Colonial India imposed censorship on India for a brief period of time for they were scared of the nasty fulminations that would come their way in the form of print or social media if they did not exit the country. 

Thus, it is fair to say that the journey of Indian Media has been a bumpy and adventurous one. So, a goulash of emotions and occurrences run down my mind when I think about the Indian media. The Media where there are overreactions, exaggerations and click-baits. The media that is important for dissemination of information but is also responsible for communal riots and ugly fights. 
The Indian Media is a considerably free and convenient realm of social interaction and information exchange. However, sometimes, this realm becomes so devoid of the necessary human values that it becomes grotesque and irksome. 

I like to watch A LOT OF YouTube videos (don’t tell Mom!) and I often catch sight of comments under every video that I see and what I see there could be equivalent to a man-made gutter reeking of jealousy, discontent and inferiority complex. People often diss the YouTubers by using abhorring language and that is exactly the moment when they lose their moral values. 
Positivity has been a cryptic concept that has been lacking from my life and I like to inculcate positive feelings within my soul  but these comments of faceless people sitting behind computers with nothing but dangerous conjectures are what kill my positive vibe. 

Any kind of media has freedom of speech and communication but in that lengthy process, people sometimes let go of their moral values like kindness, compassion and well…common sense. 

Tell me what you think and who knows? We might just have a heated debate in the comments. 
Hypocrites everywhere. Gosh. 

I am kidding. 


‘Flushed’ and a friend’s graphic design blog! 

Before you start skimming through the poem, I’d like you to do me a small favor.

This is a dear friend’s graphic designing blog and I would be grateful if you would give it a look-

Okay, you can go ahead and read the poem now, if you are not bored out of your mind already, that is.

My aversion to dating started when

a boy of eighteen looked at me funny.

I melted under his gaze and had no

idea of what to do. The red that I did not

know about until that moment rushed to

my cheeks and my words were jumbled

when I spoke. I spoke of Albert Einstein,

I spoke of the misery in Syria and while I

did so, his eyes were otherwise occupied.

His eyes were pools of lust as they zeroed

in on and below my collarbone and neck. 

I was on my feet before I knew and 

penned down this poem before anyone 

could know of my “embarrassment”.