‘Flushed’ and a friend’s graphic design blog! 

Before you start skimming through the poem, I’d like you to do me a small favor.

This is a dear friend’s graphic designing blog and I would be grateful if you would give it a look-


Okay, you can go ahead and read the poem now, if you are not bored out of your mind already, that is.

My aversion to dating started when

a boy of eighteen looked at me funny.

I melted under his gaze and had no

idea of what to do. The red that I did not

know about until that moment rushed to

my cheeks and my words were jumbled

when I spoke. I spoke of Albert Einstein,

I spoke of the misery in Syria and while I

did so, his eyes were otherwise occupied.

His eyes were pools of lust as they zeroed

in on and below my collarbone and neck. 

I was on my feet before I knew and 

penned down this poem before anyone 

could know of my “embarrassment”.

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