Refulgent Resistance..

Feeding a flame to a candle,
Is a task known to be complicated.
The stem of the candle struggles
And turns away; it stays still, yet
It is trying to say-“No more.”
The flame persists and there it is!
A flash of light-brilliant and bright.
It shimmers in the dark cavern of
My hope and I yearn for the
Candle to not turn away; to not
Struggle and to give way.

The flame is intimidating; it’s fiery red
With an undistinguished blend of
Orange and yellow along the ridges.
And so I lose myself in the radiant
Beauty, forgetting the stem of the
Candle and how it turned away.

Just like my dreams and future.

Can you believe that I’ll be in college this year? I can’t get over that fact. How has life been for you all?

I am watching one of my favourite sitcoms of all time-How I Met Your Mother. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let me know on my twitter-@avantika97. I post funny excerpts from my already awkward life there.





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