My first ever poetry slam! 

Did you hear that?
It was the sound of your fear.
In the form of short breaths and tiny beads of sweat.
You are terrified. And you are foolish.
For you binge-watched Criminal Minds for two hours straight.
In the middle of the night.
And now, your primary fear is a fast approaching attacker.
Hidden behind the curtains or huddled up in your attic.
You contrive plans to beat him. Beat him with all your strength.
Until your fist is tainted blue from the punches
And cheeks ruddy from all the rush
But wait!.
All of this is fictional and inside your head.
For you had bolted every door before
you made it to bed.
But some woman out there screams with a
clay tongue as the ingress to her innocence is shattered by someone.
And here you are, lamenting about gender bias, confined within four walls.
I have faith in challenging.
So challenge the age-old convention of casting women as  Mary Janes with doe eyes in those horror movies and drab shows.
The fear that had blanketed you earlier should be gone by now
You should be able to get up and adorn the cape of bravery
And stand up to these loons while spewing profanities at them articulately.

Hi! Did anyone miss me? No? I figured that out by myself. So yes, I participated in my first EVER poetry slam and this was the poem I performed. Like it? Hate it? Tell me.

Read the interview I took of the organizer here-


Palatable. Also, collaborate with me?

There is a resplendent sight
below the blue sky. A
flower blooms from a
shy bud, scared to be
exposed to the world.
Its petals enlarge and
soon, it can be ogled
At. The succulent and
the stiff stem of the
flower painted green and seen
from afar brings a smile
to his face. But the world
burns in all types of ways
Yet, Nature never
turns its back; it beckons
him forward and envelopes
him in his arms. No guilt. No regrets.

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Go ahead and say Hi. I don’t bite and I don’t make people cry. I help people. I am kind, you guys. All of that rhymed.

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