Palatable. Also, collaborate with me?

There is a resplendent sight
below the blue sky. A
flower blooms from a
shy bud, scared to be
exposed to the world.
Its petals enlarge and
soon, it can be ogled
At. The succulent and
the stiff stem of the
flower painted green and seen
from afar brings a smile
to his face. But the world
burns in all types of ways
Yet, Nature never
turns its back; it beckons
him forward and envelopes
him in his arms. No guilt. No regrets.

As a writer, I am seeking more writer friends to collaborate with me on my upcoming projects. If you are interested, please drop in a message either in the comments section of this post or message me on my

Go ahead and say Hi. I don’t bite and I don’t make people cry. I help people. I am kind, you guys. All of that rhymed.

Also, if you are simply copying my work or someone’s else work, for that matter, STOP IT. I am watching you. I really am!

Have a good day.

Lots of love,



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