I sketched some. I got interviewed some.

I was recently interviewed in the capacity of a teen age blogger and that is what makes me happy and hopeful for the prospects of this blog. In the said interview, I let you know in a little more detail of what I have been up to and how my blog has stemmed into something I never imagined it would become.


Now, within me, there is a massive ubiquity of happiness and apprehension as I present to you some of the drawings that I have been doing in the gap year that I have chosen to take oh so boldly.  I was always under the erroneous impression that sketching would not be that hard.


img_68541Well, that was until I picked up my thoroughly run out black ball point pen and started scratching aimlessly on the paper.


The tip of the pen or pencil is so powerful. Every stroke, every slant line, every kind of shading done is imperative to the bigger picture. Every picture demands a preciseness that may take years to master.

Now, viewer discretion-I am not Picasso so you better teach your eyes to not fall out of their sockets because all that I have drawn and showed here is not very good, it’s not even close to perfect. Also, you can indoctrinate me in the techniques of sketching better.  (You can also make fun of the sketches but hey, do it in a corner where no sound reaches you.)


It is just my very sad and very brave attempt to tame the black ink.


Please read. Please comment. I want your words. I want your feelings to reach me.

8 thoughts on “I sketched some. I got interviewed some.

  1. Well, I am being totally honest here, I was attracted to your post due to your sketches and I read only about your sketches in this post of yours…and being an anime sketcher myself(my site is not about anime sketches though), I know how tough it is when you pick that pencil for the first time…and it gets heavier and heavier… But given that you are new in this stuff I don’t think you did it bad. In fact it is very good. Love your work. Keep it up.

  2. You shouldn’t seek to tame the ink, but allow it to freely express itself. The sketches ate fine the way they are. Perfection is boring. Beautiful things are full of flaws that provide character. My blog didn’t start to write poetry. I would have ruffled my feathers at the thought that poetry would be my muse. Horror and flawed heros that was my ambition here. Congrats on the interview. It means someone wants to know more. 😉

  3. Well congratulations for the interview. I like sketching too and I’m still learning the techniques and details to make an object perfect. I think what you draw is unique because it comes from your own ideas.

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