How The LGBTQ+ Community Continues To Influence The Fashion Industry.

No matter what your sexual orientation is, you should feel unbridled pride for who you are today and what gender you are attracted to. And, this feeling of pride and contentment should be felt every second of every day.

LGBTQ community and its awareness may be relatively new to people’s ears and even more astonishing to their eyes. And, the most novel concept born out of parades and fearless protests against violence and discrimination against queers is queer fashion. It is fair to say that queer fashion designers are being delightfully creative and brave by portraying their own beliefs using fashion. Their contribution has shaken up the fashion industry because they are depicting their and other sexual orientations using their own brands. There are many ways these people’s opinions have altered the fashion we know and witness today.

Such brands expect mainstream brands to try and accept what is beneath the surface. They want the line between gender, identity, and self-expression to blur. They want to create non-gendered beauty that is also fashionable and does not conform to the societal norms at the same time.

My favorite was the new rendition of the American gamer from the Midwest by a brand from the USA. Normally, his most worn outfit is a loose cotton T-Shirt and cargo pants. But this brand shook up things and traded the cotton T-Shirt for lace tops and spandex T-shirts that reveal some skin on your back and chest. *imagines PewDiePie in this outfit*

This bold statement by this brand tells me that it is better to create fashion that is inspired by a real-life event or a personal observation than simply crisscrossing male and female clothing.

Even celebrities like Taylor Swift took to their stages to kick off the Pride month in June by literally dressing up like a rainbow. Her message to “love who you want to love” is reflected in her pleasantly colorful outfit which was a pair of high-waisted lace-up shorts and a cropped, fringed long-sleeve top worn with a yellow tee underneath and some rainbow sneakers as well.

This way, she has inspired fashion in a new way. Wear all the colors of the rainbow and you are immediately part of an empowering moment. STYLE TIP: If you have a rainbow elastic hair tie or scrunchie lying around, wear it with denim shorts and a bright yellow T-Shirt. You might not be dressed exactly like T-Swift but you would still be making a style statement and supporting the LGBTQ+ rights at the same time.

After the decriminalization of Article 377 last year, even India and Indians can feel free for whoever they choose to. And this seems to be clearly reflected in Indian fashion as well.

Lakme Fashion Week, for example, was the showground for many celebrities who opted to wear clothing that was neither female nor male. For example, one of them chose to wear a grey wraparound pant with mock buttons on the front. Its overall appearance was more like a grey long skirt. At first, this kind of garb could be frowned upon because “it has been placed on the wrong body”. However, what some of us tend to forget is that gender attribution is overrated and no one cares what your sexual orientation is these days.

Simultaneously, a make-up artist decided to take the theme of gender neutrality to the next level when he walked the ramp in a frilled off-white gown and that too with a veil!

Queer people are fashionable and brilliant. Their fashion instincts should be utilized for the evolution of the fashion industry. This is why we also believe that queer fashion is not a wave of trends. It’s a social moment that is here to stay. It can be as creative as you want. It is basically an amalgamation of the male, female and whatever’s left can be filled with the essence of who YOU are.

So, oversized denim jackets and beige pants, floral shirts and nose piercings are great choices. ANYTHING is as long as it defines who you are and what you identify with the most, gender restrictions not included.

Another trend born out of the LGBTQ+ moment is the ‘Feminine Dapper’ trend. And, I don’t think it is a trend anyway. Because it is an overwhelming revelation. How should you be feminine and dapper at the same time? Well, wear a pair of nerdy glasses, a white-collar shirt with a bow on it and Capri pants. To complete the look, wear white shoes. And there you have it!

The word ‘dapper’ is mostly used for men. And, this is why this revelation was born so that it could include women and incorporate their style into it. This is how the queer community is crossing boundaries and male-centered words at the same time!

All I can say after this is that I don’t need to feel afraid to shop at the boys’ section at H&M anymore!

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