When We Are One. 

The moon’s soft rays 
Kiss the moor ground 
With the delicacy of an 
Innocent maiden of 
Old times. The gentle 
Light caresses my skin 
With a mellow touch. 
I look up to the sky, 
Tainted with stars which 
I am inclined to touch. 
They are silver dots of 
Wonder and they 
Fascinate me. 
The trees around me 
Are silent and still, 
Embracing the moon 
And its pulchritude like 
I do and in that moment, 
The line between 
Human and Nature blur. 
The line is now indistinguishable,
it’s almost invisible. 
We are one. The trees and 
I. There’s no destruction. 
There’s only peace. And tranquility. 

Hi WordPress! How much i missed you.
Now that my exams are over, i can post without  worrying about not finishing my course (believe me, i came very close to that). How have you all been? How has 2016 been for you? I have big dreams for this blog. Give me suggestions and wise words for the improvement of this blog if you want. I am thinking of collaborating with a lot of bloggers this year. Tell me if you are interested. 

(I know, no one will show up. There’s no harm in trying) 

I hope you have a good day, folks. 🙂 


New Year Resolutions. You’ll end up forgetting yours in no time! 

Strangely, I am not feeling the ‘New Year’ buzz even though I am encumbered by loud music, over enthusiastic cheers and refulgent grins. 

It might take some time to sink in that it will be 2016 in a matter of minutes. 

I won’t be in school anymore. 

A normally functioning human being who will miss seeing their friends on a daily basis will be sordid at this fact. I am not! I am hardly rueful. In fact, I am glad I won’t have to put up with the charade to like school because I just cannot. 

Of course, 2015 has been VERY eventful. 

All with my blog becoming a little more active, with 259 family members attached to it. You all are family! 

I got nominated for the Lovely blog award. Could anything be more awesome? 

People make resolutions for new year and brighter tomorrows all the time. However, I am not in the mood. I am not in a mood to list things I want to change in myself next year. Can I be myself without having to think about alterations in my thought processes and mannerisms? 

The answer is very much YES. 

Why change? When your new year resolution will be just like that belittled sweater you bought at a Black Friday Sale? 

The truth is, you will forget what your new year resolution was before the push messages for 2016 even meet their sad end. 

That’s right, hit ‘delete’ right away, folks. 

I am not saying that making resolutions is unhealthy or foolish. It’s just that, for once, let nature take its force and do what it wants with you. Let the chips fall where they may? 

Why try to walk on coal when you cannot? Why break promises you cannot even keep? 

Thus, let’s be the same people we were in 2015 and let’s be ourselves. Let’s, however, do something simple. Let’s embrace positive thoughts and a prosperous future with arms spread wide. Yes, wider. Wide emough? I think so. 

Happy New Year, Family. 

You do you. 

Never change for anyone or anything. 

It’s 12:00 already? 

*flurry of push messages* 


The Christmas buzz.

In the lonesome streets
At night and under the
Bright moon’s light, I
Wander with a heavy
Heart and a hindsight
Of the horrible events
Of tonight. My jacket
Is causally slung over
My shoulder and the
Engagement ring sits
Like a wounded dog
In it’s case, curled in a
Ball. My eyes water
At the sight of your
Angry and flushed face
And how you scraped
The chair along the
Floor angrily as you
Gaped. It was unexpected.

It was plaintive. Whatever it
Was, it was evident that
You were not ready.
And neither I am, to be
With a girl who only
Longs for Tiffany’s and
Not some local jeweller.
A cup of hot chocolate
Awaits my cosy residence.

The lambent
Lights of my Christmas
Tree will sing silently in

my presence and
Meanwhile, I will devise
Strategies to move on
From you and refresh
My existence.

Merry Christmas to everyone on WordPress. This year is coming to an end and that makes me want to tear up. It was fabulous. I hope this year brought you a lot of happiness too.

I wrote this poem for those who feel that they have a right to be sad on Christmas. You don’t! Whatever horrible situation has befallen you will mitigate and become better. Be grateful for whatever you have. Share smiles and radiance with your loved ones. Be spirited!

With all the love I can muster for you all, Avantika!

Delusions And Deafeats.

You are like the trapped
Bee who makes the irk 
Some buzzing sound 
When it is captured in a 
Glass jar. You keep taking
rounds until your insignificant
wings just can’t bear to
function and you settle at the 
Bottom with an abrupt 
And unpredictable 
Quietness. You have 
Given up, silly human. 
You fail to see that the 
rim of the metal jar gives 
Way to the tiniest of 
Spaces. It’s wide enough 
For you to get out. Yet, 
There you are, sitting 
And sighing, waiting for 
Miracles to happen and 
Ignoring all the opened 
Doors and the small 
Space on the rim of the jar. 

The Fiery Fight.

The cold pavement against
her cheek does nothing to calm
Her hot, boiling blood.

The rags that cover her
Sinuous body do nothing
To cover up skin and the
Humiliation she suffers.

The hands that only wrap
Around rancid items of
food do nothing to stop her
longing for lavish delicacies.

She lived the life of a
Beggar with equanimity
Until something snapped
Inside of her.

Now, her anger will be her strength.
Her frustration will be her driving force.
She will turn her future into a comfortable, liveable one.

She’ll fight. She son’t run.


I remember when our 
Eyes met for the first 
Time. Do you know of 
The heat that transpired? 
We were just like the Sun 
and the Moon that cause  

an eclipse and an uproar.
Our stars were meant to collide.
Our galaxies were not meant to subside: 
We were just like ice and fire. 
Dangerous, with vigour. 

Or, cold and somber. 
We’ll always be polar 
Opposites and yet, 
We’ll be like magnets. 

Beautiful Blemishes and a sunrise. 

The sky is a blue bottom 
Less pit, where the stars 
That bloom like the daisies 
in the garden are Incipient 
hindrances.They are 

impediments that make 
You want to stare forever. 
I am on the ground and 
I am moving. Yet, what 
Enthrals me and captures 

My eyes is the sky. The 
Blue, winsome sky. It’s 
Painted with rays of light
That peek out from the 
Horizon and in no time 

It’s dawn. My eyes bask
In the glow of the sun 
And the feel of the rays. 
I continue to stare at the 
Sky. My altered existence 
Is permanent and peremptory.

I have changed.
This sunrise had changed me. 

This was written in a hurry. i din’t know if i was in a hurry to get the poem and the message out there or i just wanted to pee desperately. Either way, i just wanted to tell you and remind you that nature has a bounty of beauty that we are ignoring. Wake up early for once and enjoy the sunrise and you’ll thank me. its beauty is unignorable and priceless.

I love you all. 

Avantika. (Tell me if you hate the poem) 

For the lover who never existed..

You’re like the fire that 

Needs no rekindling. You’re 

The wave that does not do 

Any wavering. You’re the 

Air I breathe. You’re the 

Scent I seek. You are nothing

But everything at once. 

You are tantamount to a 

Candle that burns and the 

Flame leaves the wax behind 

In it’s wake for me to remember. 

You give me warmth and I 

Shelter you with my body and 

Absorb you to the core. 

1. Short poem. I know. 

2. After writing this, I mused and murmured out loud-“I don’t do love poems. Not my fortè. ” Do you agree? 

3. Every week on Friday, I’ll give you a song recommendation. I’ll tell you the song that I have been listening to continually. For this Friday, it’s ‘Papercut’ by Zedd and Troye Sivan. Tell me if you have ever heard it. 

4. Have a great weekend. Spread smiles. On a totally irrelevant note, don’t text and drive. It kills. 


The Time My Blog got nominated for an Award. 

Dear readers, 

There are certain achievements in life that one can look back at, with a chest puffed up with pride and a grin very wide. This will be one of my achievements as I have been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. The heartiest thanks to a constant reader and an amazing writer- https://profitablelife.wordpress.com/about/ Francois. This lad is interesting and aims at spreading positivity, just like me. 

If you haven’t checked out his blog already, then you are a lazy bum and are missing out on a bounty of soothing words. 

I am supposed to give 7 facts about myself. I know you all are jaunty and excited out there. Patience, children, patience. 

1. I love MUN’ing. It could be complex for people who are new to the concept. It’s a simulation of a large number of countries and you get to represent one each time you attend a conference. I actually headed a committee recently.so. 😛 

2. Nutella solves all problems. Of course it does. No one could argue about that. (If you argue, then I’ll curse you) kidding.

3. I started earning money in the age of 17. I am 18 and I raised my first salary from an internship in writing I did. My stipend made me happy because I had earned it by myself, not because of sheer necessity. 

4. I want to earn enough money to give my parents a lavish Europe tour. Surely, it’s not enough to pay them back for all the love, comfort and encouragement they have given but something is better than nothing.

5. I could trade my best outfit to play the video game named ‘Until Dawn’ and meet the lead villain, Rami Makek. Hey, readers, are you creeped out yet? 

6. I always sleep so soundly that anyone sleeping next to me or in the same room can make an assumption that I am as good as dead. Best feeling to be shaken awake and asked-“Were you really sleeping? I totally thought othervise.” 

7. I despise Math. Bonus-it comes on SAT. I mean, I get that it makes the world go round but..bleh. 

I hope you enjoyed reading. I’d like to nominate Sindhuja R. I’ll put her blog link in the description once I find it. Hehe. 

Other than that, nominated or not, tell me 7 facts about you because I  am dying to know. Are people as weird and as different as me? Let me know. 

Have a bright Sunday wifh the most convivial atmosphere. Keep smiling! 



Her mouth is set in a 
Frown once in a while. 
She feels lonely in a 
Room full of people, 
Her thoughts are 
Banal and her stance 
Sessile. She willingly
Walks away from the
Family that she knows 
And sits in another 
Room, resorting to 
Other ways of enter-
Tainment, tainted with 
Laughs of mirth. I know
It’s just for show. I am
This girl, who feels so
Lonely sometimes that 
Even crows would shy
Away from my vile 
And morose being. 
It’s just psychological 
Trauma I go through. 
I realise my mistakes 
And I recount the 
Struggles I went through. 
This too shall pass.” 
I reminisce this phrase 
From somewhere and 
A small smile finally 
Curves my mouth. 
A nemesis has been avoided, I declare.