Harry Potter in the Indian Parliament.

Harry Potter waited. He was going to ambush him. Who was him,you ask? ‘Him’ was Kapil Sibal,an imperative member of Lok Sabha.
Harry had a quota of Polyjuice Potion in his pocket. He just had to clandestinely pluck a strand of hair off Mr. Sibal’s head,mix it in with the potion and Bingo! He would acquire his physical appearance and stroll in the doors of Sansad Bhavan,New Delhi to listen to the speech of the President of India,Pranab Mukherjee

His plan was carried out smoothly and in a matter of 5 minutes,he was seated next to Mahesh Joshi,a Lok Sabha Member from Jaipur.

He had just been seated when Meera Kumar,the eloquent speaker of Lok Sabha called everyone’s attention and waited for Mr. Pranab to start.

Mr Mukherjee appeared to be earnest and pragmatic. His voice carried determination and ambition. Harry was enthralled as he listened-“The past year has been a difficult one for the global economy. Most emerging markets are growing very slowly. It has been a difficult year for India also.This is why my Government has taken an initiative for the rollout for the Direct Benefits Transfer System….”

He continued on. But Harry was distracted by a pestering voice continually whispering. He looked back to see a crooked nosed,annoying minister chattering about. He used the Legilimens Spell to drift into the minister’s mind.

On. Criminal record. Speed ticket. What not.

In that instant,Harry decided to teach not only him but all the abysmal and corrupted ministers a lesson present in his room.It wasn’t fair anyway how they were in Lok Sabha. They didn’t deserve to be where they were.

As for the Mr. Crooked nose,he used the Confundus Charm to confuse him out of his filthy mind and he started blabbering like a maniac.

Rictusempra charm was used to tickle another minister.

And Tarantallegra Spell was used to make another minister dance.

Everyone was astonished. What was happening? Even Mr. Pranab had stopped his Motivational Speech.

But no one could guess or fathom how all this occurred.Harry had his wand right down his leg,where no one could see.

He was having the Time of his Life.

After recovering from the shock of what had just be folded with the other ministers,Mr. Pranab Continued his speech and a table-thumping Moment occurred,praising his lines,praising him.

Later,with a heavy heart,as everyone was to be dismissed for the day,Harry used the charm Obliviate to erase everyone’s memories who was present in the room.

With this,his dream came true! He had finally been a part of the Indian Parliament and had taught a lesson or two to those who did not respect The sentiments of others.

Oh. The Real Mr. Sibal must be up by now.

Time to be the Greatest Wizard of all times again.

This was a story I wrote after researching a lot on the Indian Parliament. I actually wrote it to get selected in a Creative Writing Competition being held at school. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Anyway, if you like the story,tap the option ‘Comment’ or ‘Like’ or whatever.

Just tell me that some one out there is reading this pathetic Blog. Expert Comments are always encouraged.
And oh Criticism too!

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