First Day of 11th.

Things you do or experience for the first time always excite you,intimidate you and give you cold feet.

I got a good Combination of it in my nerves as I entered my new Class.

New Class means new People and oh,new Class Teacher and well,new Subjects and since it’s 11th,so much Studying.

I hated everything at first. I absolutely loathed it. But I managed to get throughout the day without any qualms.

It’s not easy though. A new Day Tomorrow. Full of Mishaps. Full of Hopes.

The worst part is that I am in another building. Away from the faces I have known to smile for and say Hi to for two years now.

That is just abominable. Why this Division?

But all in good time,I hope, I can reconcile with this new lot of friends I have. And,maybe,not hate them too much.

Good Night.

Hope everyone is Hunky Dory out there.

Keep Writing to me!..:)

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