Suicide? Don’t even think about it.

Belligerent thoughts,
Bitter memories.
A scared conscience,
The battle doesn’t cease.
The boy writes the good
Bye note with shaking hands,
Tears streaming down
His 17 year old face, saying-
“Sorry Dad, I can’t take the
Pressure anymore. I can’t
Score more than 70%.”
His footsteps lead him to
His doom, locked in this
Room, with nothing but
Thoughts to annihilate
His soul. Alas! He hangs
Himself. He takes his own
Life, only because the
Pressure was too much
To bear. The consistent
Jabbering for doing better
In school, he didn’t want
To hear. And yet again,
I am sitting here, wondering
How someone has the
Bravery to take their own
Life and sear the lives of
Their near and dear.

Okay. Very spontaneous. This poem is inspired by a news item I happened to come across two days ago. In India, it’s very common. Teens are committing suicide because they can’t take the school pressure anymore and the fact that scoring less than 90% is just savagely. Me being a teen, I know how it feels, I almost failed in Math once! But when children of my age take such drastic steps, it hurts. I read somewhere-SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION. Hence, please. Don’t take such drastic steps! Whatever it is will be sorted out. After all, god helps those who help themselves.

4 thoughts on “Suicide? Don’t even think about it.

  1. Very inspiring and informational message oriented post. I am from India and the thing is the students, who commit suicide are mostly well educated, I hope you know IIT’s here, and the suicide rate is increasing there, the only reason for that is pressure as you said too.

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